Hi, very happy to have you stop by and visit......


This site is one of my getaways from the "rat race" so to speak (grin).  I am a woman who has worked in the Commercial Property Management and Leasing industry in Houston, Texas for the last 30 years. My commute into the city was a two hour plus round trip daily drive; even though that' s not unusual  for many in a large city, still needless to say.... that's allot of time spent on the highways and in traffic.  Burned out, I decided it was time for a simpler way of life and so...... 

I found another personal outlet in reselling wonderful deals I have found on anything from jewelry to dog leashes. I have a booth set up in an arts and crafts store and decided to add a small website and feature a few daily items, passing  along to you or someone else who sees something on my site and says, "I have to have that, it has my name all over it"; or they see something as a great gift or present for someone they know! I have some wonderful .925 sterling silver pendants that my friends and family think are gorgeous. I've even kept some of them personally for myself that I can't bear to part with. That was not my plan though, as I purchased them to resell. But, what can I say..... "They had my name all over them" (grin).


Thanks again for your visit and if you should hear that little voice saying that you love one of the items shown and wish to have it... simply listen and see if you wish to follow that voice.  Otherwise.... hope you visit again soon and find that "one" piece that speaks to you leaving no room for doubt!


In the interim... "Keeping it simple is a wonderful change"!



Wish you much love and eternal blessings on this amazing journey we all are sharing!